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Order, Order!


Placing an order with us is very personal and before you contact us take a moment to think about what you want?

Have a look at our Gallery for ideas, these are real customers not Photo shopped!


We use Adobe Illustrator to design and Photo Shop. Designs can be sent in Jpeg format too. Images in Vector Format is a big help.


We now have Sign Lab 9.1 some very clever software which we use for Print and Cut with the Roland Versa Studio BN 2o Machine. This software works well with many formats even PDFs and can vectorise jpeg's.


Sitting down with one us is a common option making sure we know exactly what you want without us guessing what you want.


We can provide a sample if this helps although we might have to charge a fee.

Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer or credit card and debit cards.

Normally a 50% deposit is required.



How Much?

All jobs are slightly different, quantity is a factor, the more the cheaper.


Time is the big factor, the amount of time to produce one can be the same to produce 5 or 10 or 50.

We try not to charge a set up fee however this depends on how long we need to spend in getting your design ready for printing. 


Once we have an email of your design/text we can give you a price, it really is difficult to give a price over the phone although the more information you can give us will help in giving an estimate.


How Long Will It Take?

If you need it today or next couple of days please phone and ask what our situation is, we will try to be as accommodating as possible. Emails can take up to 12 hours to reply, so phoning is the best option.


Yes, sometimes same day depending on if we have stock of the item you want. We usually have black and white T shirts in stock. Bags & Mugs and a selection of vinyl & flock in different colours. We do have a few polos, sweat shirts and t shirts in other colours but, no guarantee, If we have to order allow a couple of days.

Print & Cut vinyl should allow 24 hours.


Can I bring my own T Shirts?

Yes But!  We do not take any responsibillity for your products, even if we make a mistake. We don't know where your product was sourced and if it is suitable for printing on. Unfortunately it does happen, Colour bleeding, an overprint , a spelling, wrong position etc etc. We do our best but, if it's our product we will replace it.   

If you know you are going to order please don't leave it to the last minute! To advoid dissapointment for you and us!



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